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Calyxo presents new product generation

The development and technology team of Calyxo GmbH at the Solar Valley in Bitterfeld-Wolfen reached >14.3% efficiency aperture area (97 Wp 0.72 m²; 13,5% full size area), with a new product generation which will be introduced in 2015.

The manufacture of the new product generation has been carried out in the new production line opened a year ago. "It's a great achievement to concurrently both ramp-up a new production line and use it to meet the targeted performance goals for the new product development. We believe that we can achieve over 15% efficiency with the new product generation. We are convinced that the unique Calyxo deposition process, in addition to its cost advantages, has the potential for the highest semiconductor layer qualities", Dr.-Ing. Michael Bauer, CTO / COO.

Calyxo GmbH has set new product generation goals for 2015. "The pressure for us to supply higher power classes is clearly evident in the market by competitive crystalline silicon module supplier offerings.  In the intermediate term, Calyxo’s new generation modules will produce more energy per installed area compared to the crystalline competition due to the better temperature coefficient. We also work on other product characteristics, which will reduce the cost of installation on customer side", CEO Dr. Florian Holzapfel.

At temperatures above 25°C, Calyxo modules produce up to 10% more energy than comparable C-Si solar modules due to their lower temperature coefficient. The transition of development concepts into mass production is scheduled for the beginning of 2015 and is being designated under the new module product name CX4.

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Award "Solar Builder" - Project of the Year 2014

The Anthony Wayne solar plant, which provides solar energy to the Toledo Zoo (USA), won the readers "Solar Builder" price for the ground mounted project of the year 2014. For this, Calyxo GmbH congratulates all participants of the project. This ground mounted solar system demonstrates how nature and renewable energies can make a positive contribution to the environment and to the local zoo.

2014 Ground-Mount Project of the Year - Winner: Anthony Wayne Solar Array

Zoos do more than just offer a central place to see unique and exotic animals in replicated natural habitats. They are also proponents for conservation and research of animals and the planet we all share. The Toledo Zoo in Northwest Ohio is dedicated to caring for its animals — those from the Arctic, the African Safari and rainforest and desert spots in between — and expanding its green practices. The zoo installed a set of solar canopies totaling 98 kW over the walkway to its main entrance in 2010 to test the waters on how renewable energy could help its cause. But its second project, 2.1 MW completed in June 2014, really made a splash. So much so that Solar Builder readers praised its application and community impact and chose it as 2014’s Project of the Year winner.

 “Practicing the wise use of our natural resources through green alternatives such as the solar array is an important component of our mission: Inspiring others to join us in caring for animals and conserving the natural world,” says Jeff Sailer, executive director at the Toledo Zoo.

The zoo partnered with local contractor GEM Energy (of the Rudolph/Libbe Companies) again for this larger solar project (GEM Energy installed the entrance’s solar canopies four years previous). Jason Slattery, director of solar for GEM Energy, knew the zoo was interested in additional sustainability projects, so he and his team presented the idea of an off-site solar array.

“Of course, they were interested in it because the way we structured it allowed them to not have to spend any of their own money to develop the project,” he says. “There were two sites that we weighed the pros and cons on. Both of them were brownfields, both were directly adjacent to the Toledo Zoo, so they were both a good fit.”

Eventually GEM Energy decided on a 22-acre plot off of Anthony Wayne Trail, not even a half-mile from the zoo. The site was a stranded property that had been in bankruptcy for half a decade. The land had once thrived as the manufacturing headquarters for Haughton Elevator Co., which occupied the site for 73 years before it was shuttered in 1989. The brownfield-classification of the site was largely due to bulldozed buildings and abandoned debris, including concrete the size of small cars.

“When we installed the array, each time we penetrated the subsurface, we had a failure rate on our post 25% of the time,” Slattery says.

The site also had chemical contamination with higher than normal levels of lead and arsenic. Through multiple environmental studies, GEM Energy developed a work plan that allowed for successful digging and trenching with no risk to human health.

“We worked pretty closely with the University of Toledo, the City of Toledo and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to create a landscape plan to put native species of plants and vegetation on the site that will improve the soil quality of the site,” Slattery says. “You’ll find native species that are both aesthetically pleasing throughout the four seasons of the year and survive and thrive in those poor soil conditions. They will over the course of time leach some of the contamination up through the ground and bind it in the organic layer.”

The native plants also act as a buffer zone between the different types of properties nearby. Residential homes are right across the street with some commercial buildings just down the road. The plants act as a visual barrier between these mix-use areas and are a huge step up from the eyesore the site used to be.

The construction crew used a tractor equipped with GPS and a gyroscope to speed installation and lessen some of the site-prep.

“Rather than moving dirt and leveling sites as flat as a pancake, you’re able to take what you get and install a solar array with minimal site-prep,” Slattery says. “In the past, we had to have a very level, graded site. Now we can go over rolling terrain, and that piece of equipment will keep it level and plumb and true.”

GEM Energy is also a big supporter of prepanelization.

“That’s our secret sauce,” Slattery says. “To control the schedule and costs, we call it an automated install process — we prepanelize all the components, or some of the major components, off-site. We do that in an enclosed warehouse that is not weather-dependent. It’s a mini-erector set. We wire all the solar panels, attach them to the racks, palletize it, put it on a truck, bring it on to the site, then use equipment rather than bodies on the ground to touch it. We’re able to basically bring it out in big Lego blocks and set it in place rather than stick-build it on-site in all kinds of weather.”

GEM Energy always aims to partner with local solar companies on its projects. This project for the zoo consisted of 2.1 MW of Calyxo solar modules (manufactured in Germany but use thin-film technology developed in Perrysburg, Ohio), Nextronex inverters and combiner boxes (based in Toledo) and AP Alternatives racking systems (headquartered in nearby Ridgeville Corners, Ohio).

“Any time we can use anything local, we will,” Slattery says. “As well as the man-power to construct the project — that was all local to Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.”

GEM Energy is a fan of thin-film modules, especially for use in Ohio’s cloudy environment.

“We think it’s a good technology fit for that particular site and that energy function,” Slattery says. “It marries well to the distributed architecture inverters through Nextronex. It’s a good meshing of technologies.”

The Anthony Wayne Solar Array was split into two 1-MW phases. The first started in Oct. 2013 and was online by the end of December. The second started in March 2014 and finished in June. The array will help with the zoo’s ever-growing electricity costs.

“It’s anticipated that the solar array will provide about 30% of the zoo’s annual electric power supply while simultaneously not exceeding the current cost of grid power,” says Rick Payeff, director of facilities at the Toledo Zoo. “In addition, GEM Energy was able to provide this green energy alternative without any additional capital expenditures on behalf of the zoo — a win-win situation.”

Slattery says the success of this project is owed to the City of Toledo and the public/private partnership established.

“The city administration, everyone from the mayor’s group all the way through City Council, they all came together and they were all super supportive of making this project happen,” he says. “They went to bat for us. That’s a good example of how the public sector works with the private sector to make economic goodness. Otherwise, this site would have been sitting there still today. Nobody could build on it, accumulating a negative tax liability every year. Now the site’s been repurposed and it’s a functioning contributor to the Toledo Zoo and it’s not an eyesore that people drive past every day. They can actually see something, and it has an educational benefit to it. It’s a huge win for Northwest Ohio.”

From Elevators to Energy:
Before becoming home to 2.1 MW of solar energy for the Toledo Zoo, the plot of land housed Haughton Elevator Co., which was founded in Toledo in 1867. After moving to the site near Anthony Wayne Trail in 1916, it was the third largest elevator company in the country — behind Otis and Westinghouse. Eventually it was acquired by Schindler Group before the company closed the doors to the 250,000-sq-ft headquarters and plant in 1989.

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Solar façades with Calyxo modules

. Curtain photovoltaic façades
. Aesthetic upgrading of exterior walls

The sun shines not only on rooftops and fields; this is what we learn from photovoltaic systems today.

So far, conventional photovoltaic systems are usually found on rooftops or ground mounted fields. Calyxo GmbH is dedicated to the niche application of "façade" installations, and several customers have become interested in a test set-up at the company's site at Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

In general, a solar façade can be designed like a standard glass façade and interconnected as a standard photovoltaic system. With little additional effort compared to standard solutions, sustainable and energy upgraded façades can be created.

The Calyxo façade system is built with the frameless CX3 solar modules plus the MX insertion system. This cost-effective system solution is suitable for almost every new construction and existing exterior façade. To ensure a perfect homogeneous look to the façade, the modules are arranged "seamless" to within a few millimeters. The Calyxo technology provides a solid black surface , it offers a visual highlight for each façade, and it does not interrupt the appearance of the building like that provided by wafer-based solar.

The MX-mounting system is ideal for façade applications because of the floating module assembly. The installation of the modules is done without tools, thus making the work easier and allows for a safer environment for the installers.

Gwinner GmbH, specialists for roofing and façades, has built a 62kWp solar façade system on behalf of the company Engeser in Schramberg under the planning of architect Schweiger GmbH in Rottweil.

The resulting solar façade has been optimized and implemented on the module geometry before construction begins.

Engeser in Schramberg offers a wide range of services covering cables. The services of Engeser have a range of cable assemblies, from the entire portfolio of ferrules to plastic injection parts. For more information, see

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Power for the Toledo Zoo

. 2.1MWp gound mounted solar plant will supply Toledo Zoo with electricity
. Environmental stewardship is an integral part of the Toledo Zoo’s mission

Toledo, Ohio – A 22-acre south Toledo brownfield site that was once in receivership is starting a brand-new life – as home to a 2.1MWp solar array that will supply about 30 percent of the Toledo Zoo’s electricity each year. Bordered by a buffer zone with newly planted trees and green spaces for native grasses that will be planted this fall, the 28,500-panel solar array is one of the largest in the nation to supply power to a zoo.

The solar array and property are owned by a group of local investors led by Rudolph/Libbe Companies. Rudolph/Libbe and GEM Energy, of the Rudolph/Libbe Companies, designed, developed and constructed the solar array, and structured the exclusive power purchase agreement with the Toledo Zoo.

The project was built with Calyxo solar modules, which use innovative thin film technology developed in Toledo. Nextronex, of Toledo, provided the inverters, combiner boxes, and distributed architecture for the solar array. AP Alternatives LLC, of Ridgeville Corners, supplied steel racks for the solar modules. The ground-mount system contains no moving parts. The array will produce approximately 2.1MWh per year.

Jeff Sailer, executive director of the Toledo Zoo, said, “Environmental stewardship is an integral part of the Toledo Zoo’s mission. This solar array supports the Zoo’s mission by using cleaner and greener energy, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy while providing an inspiring example for Zoo visitors.”

“Energy costs and environmental stewardship are increasingly important to our customers in today’s global economy,” said Bill Rudolph, chairman of Rudolph/Libbe Companies. “We’re honored to support the Toledo Zoo’s mission of environmental stewardship through this project. This is an exciting time for Rudolph/Libbe and GEM Energy to be helping our customers manage their energy needs.”

Local union labor from northwest Ohio constructed the project, which created about 60 construction jobs. “We employ many of the area’s most skilled, dedicated and experienced tradespeople. We were proud to put them to work on this solar array,” said Jason Slattery, director of solar for Rudolph/Libbe Inc.  

“This project is a great example of the public and private sectors working together to benefit the zoo and the community,” Slattery added. “We took a contaminated brownfield site, a financial burden for the city, and turned it into a win for the city of Toledo and the Toledo Zoo.”

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Calyxo delivers two EPC systems

. two EPC systems installed
. Energy project to reduce CO2 emissions

A large German telecommunication company brings an "energy project for the operation of their switching houses" to life. For this project two switching houses of the company were equipped with EPC systems containing thin film solar modules of Calyxo CX3-Series.

In this project a dedicated supportive power supply is achieved by the means of PV electricity. Equally important is an effective contribution to the energy turnaround in Germany and the reduction of the CO2 emission. Intelligent use of modern photovoltaic systems for the self-production of electricity plays a central and decisive role for the energy project of the company.

Calyxo delivered into this EPC project an aerodynamically optimized east-west system. The advantage of the east west system lies in the low needed ballast installation for roofs with low load reserves. In addition, these east-west systems provide a homogeneous yield curve over the entire day in order to reach the optimal performance and power.

“A successfully implemented EPC project! Good service from the first contact with the customer through to the handover of the system, are for us at Calyxo the top priority” Thomas Frick, Product Manager Calyxo GmbH.

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The King of Jordan looks on Calyxo solar system

Calyxo is an EPC Provider in the sunny country of Jordan. With the installation of three solar systems, Calyxo proves again their know-how and operational readiness to the project. The installations of each tilted, roof parallel and a carport solar system were implemented turnkey in the industrial area of the Amman region. The EPC project is the focal point of the Jordanian royal family and the new King Hussein Mosque was supplied with Calyxo thin-film modules of the CX3 series and the easy to assemble Calyxo MX-mounting system.

Increasing population growth, a rising demand for energy, combined with a lack of indigenous energy resources, the country of Jordan and its government remains a major challenge. Currently, Jordan acquires 96% of the required energy from costly imports. Due to the high public costs, innovative renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind power are economically viable compared to the current cost of electricity from fossil fuels. Furthermore, the government has set guidelines in place for the critical energy situation to advance the development of renewable energies.

The Jordanian market has a high potential for the cadmium telluride thin-film technology due to their low temperature coefficient, which in these latitudes has an extremely positive effect. Calyxo offers for this young market its best possible EPC services to assist customers from the planning stage through to handover and implementation at any time.

"We are always working on existing customer relationships and will place more projects in the country. We see the market development with optimism. With expert training programs, we will make our contribution to bring the country closer to the cost effective solar energy", said Guillermo Alberto Chacon Giron, Application Engineer Calyxo GmbH.

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Calyxo GmbH secures further financing

. IBG participates with Calyxo
. Partnership for Success

Calyxo GmbH has concluded an agreement with the IBG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Saxony-Anhalt, the current financing of the futuristic cadmium telluride photovoltaic technology - Made in Germany!

The IBG is involved in technology-oriented, innovative companies and projects, as it has found in the business model of Calyxo. The integrated value chain from the production of CdTe thin-film modules to the implementation of so-called EPC Projects [Engineering, Procurement and Construction] has the IBG convinced to finance.

Together we are confident that we are able to produce modules in a short term at a cost of 0.25 EUR / Wp with the low-cost atmospheric deposition process and thus PV to power attractive market regardless of funding.

The core equipment for the semiconductor deposition was thereby designed and developed by the innovative and experienced team of engineers at Calyxo itself.

Major system components are constructed by Calyxo and have been transferred to patent applications.

The participation of the IBG opens and secures the business opportunities of Calyxo GmbH with their financial commitment and know-how.

In particular, the technology will be further developed through their participation and opens up new markets for EPC projects due to the core technology.

The IBG has consistently pursued its goal of promoting the development of Calyxo GmbH as well as the efficiency of the photovoltaic unique technology, achieving the current CdTe world record of 20,4% efficiency, to be produced on mass soon.

The main shareholder of Calyxo GmbH, Solar Fields LLC, welcomes the participation by IBG. The long-term relationship with the state of Saxony-Anhalt is expanded.

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Grand Opening in Croatia

In February 2014, the construction of the largest photovoltaic thin-film plant in Croatia has been completed in cooperation with the thin-film solar module manufacturer Calyxo GmbH, the project developers SOLAR MAGNA Germany AG and Fotonapon doo  from Zagreb.

On this occasion, the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic took over the ceremonial opening of the PV-plant, which was built on a greater than 1000sqm ² roof of the cement manufacturer CEMEX doo in the Dalmatian coastal town of Split.

Due to the excellent cooperation with the management of SOLAR MAGNA, Calyxo GmbH has the opportunity for an additional 250MW project for a ground mounted PV system, to be built in April 2014 in Trebinje, Bosnia Herzegovina.

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The heat is on!

Thin-film modules of the Calyxo CX-series pass the Spread of Flame and Burning Brand test.

Calyxo extends the quality benchmark of the CX series by the successful test results of the Spread of Flame A / B and Burning Brand Class B in accordance with IEC 61730-2 MST 23, UL1703 , UL790/ASTM E108 .
The IEC 61730 describes both requirements for complete PV modules as well as on the materials and components. The fire resistance requirements of IEC 61730-2 to the PV modules are based on the American fire test for roofs made to ANSI / UL 790. For fire technological qualification of PV modules the Spread of Flame Test and Burning Brand test is relevant for PV systems which are installed on a roof. The PV modules are divided into classes, A , B or C, the class C contains the minimum requirements.

Spread of Flame Test

Through the Spread of Flame test, the flame spread on top of the module tries to judge between the mounted PV modules and the roof covering. For this purpose, a gas burner flame having a power of approximately 378 kW under the influence of wind is guided over the surface of the module for the class A / B for 10 minutes.Due to the 2x2 group module installation, the flame spread in the resulting columns is rated brand technologically. The test has been performed by using two typical mounting systems including assembly material (EPDM rubber) - a four-point clamping system and an insertion system.


Burning Brand Test

The Burning Brand test determines whether an external fire may cause a fire spark or burn-through of the module. Here for a wood crib is used as an incendiary. The wood crib is are inflamed and placed on the sunny side of the PV module. The test is carried out under wind influence.
All the criteria for the Spread of Flame test as well as the Burning Fire test were successfully met:

  • no part of the PV modules has fallen glowing or burning from Test Stand
  • flame spread did not exceed the following values: Class A - 1.82 m / Class B - 2.40 m / Class C - 3.90 m
  • the lateral flame spread was limited
  • a burn-through didn't occur
  • an ongoing burning of the PV modules at the Burning Brand test did not occur

The test results shows that the Calyxo modules do not ignite and fire spreading is greatly reduced, so that a high level of safety is provided in case of fire. Moreover, additional electrical hazards due to uncontrolled fires are almost impossible. The safe use of Calyxo modules is possible without any problem even in regions with high radiation and / or thermal stress.

"The prevailing power of fire can only be described, if you have not even experienced the test procedure. The lasting heat, fanned by the air blower, clarifies how the extraordinary power the Calyxo modules withstand. The impingement of flame through the suction behavior at the module edges and along the underside of the module is enormous. The fire resistance class according to the requirements of A / B show a significant advantage for the Calyxo glass-glass laminate structure in comparison to products with back foil materials. The high product quality and long-term stability of Calyxo modules has been clarified by this additional test" said Christoph Mühlenbeck (Head of Marketing Calyxo GmbH).

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Salt mist corrosion tests

SGS an independent services company in Germany tested, verified and certified Calyxo-CX3 series modules to salt mist corrosion test according to IEC 61701:1995–DIN EN 61701:2000-08.

Salt Spray tests were performed on Calyxo-CX3 series modules at the highest level of severity, completed 1344 hours with tests involving repeated cycles of spraying with 5% saline solution at ambient temperatures between 15°C and 35°C for two hours, followed by 22 hours at 40°C with a relative humidity of 93%.

CX3 modules passed the stringent salt mist test conditions with no optical damage, no visual defects, no mechanical deterioration or corrosion while meeting functional-performance.

Thus validating Calyxo CX3 series modules are safer, durable and reliable along coastal areas and other harsh high humidity geographic areas.

"We highlight even all influencing parameters acting on our modules and let the module quality be confirmed by a wide variety of test conditions. With the results of laboratory testing and the experience of field data, we have our modules designed to withstand salty conditions such as found at coastal areas and on motorways. "said Dr. Michael Bauer (CTO / COO).

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Calyxo inaugurates the new 60 MW production line

On Monday, 02.12.2013 the new production line of Calyxo at the Solar Valley in Bitterfeld- Wolfen, Germany was ceremonially inaugurated.

Among the guests have been the Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Tamara Zieschang , the Mayor Mrs. Petra Wust, investors, suppliers , customers and closest partners.

The festive program was opened by CEO Dr. Florian Holzapfel with a review of the company Calyxo from 2005 to today , followed by CTO Dr.-Ing. Michael Bauer, Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Tamara Zieschang and Dr. Norman Johnston, Chairman of Advisory Board of Calyxo GmbH and CEO of the parent company Solar Fields.

"We are the survivors of Solar Valley!" remarked Johnston, who invented the process of Calyxo GmbH 10 years ago, in his welcome speech regarding to the development of Calyxo in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.


Calyxo was the last Gallic village. "At least we sometimes felt like this in the recent years in the Solar Valley." Holzapfel says , alluding to "Asterix and Obelix ". In this case, the Romans are Asian solar companies, who at first took over Solibro and later Q -Cells. Also Calyxo suffered from the solar crisis. For four years the solar company did research work for the new manufacturing processes. Now the Calyxo leadership believes to have found the formula of the "elixier" to enter the market with new capacities.

Holzapfel, "The construction of the new production line took a total of 5 years with a total investment of about 54 million euros. For the solar industry a long construction phase, but we have adjusted our strategic decisions in the market place and now the new production line is a clear sign that we and the Calyxo investors believe in the market of tomorrow."

Bauer: "In the solar market not automatically the ones who are strong will not survive, but those who can adapt to the market and their requirements "
Calyxo was able to acquire and implement several EPC projects nationally and worldwide in the last year, which provides, among others, the versatility of the company. With its solar modules in the range of 75 to 85 Wp, Calyxo offers its customers a variety of applications - from small installations of single-family homes to large megawatt plants.

For the development of products, the company has cooperated among others, with the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics in Halle. Also the state of Saxony-Anhalt promoted the company. Minister of Economic Affairs, Dr. Tamara Zieschang said: "Saxony-Anhalt assist Calyxo in difficult times."

Guests have had the opportunity to look into the 12tsqm production line. On process-bound information points, Calyxo experts have answered questions.
The new fully automated production line for CdTe thin film solar modules with the most competitive cost position has a production capacity of 60 MWp with an extension option for a total of 100 MWp. Overall, Calyxo GmbH currently has a capacity of 85 MW and produces eco-friendly CdTe modules with a much better CO2 balance compared to crystalline modules.

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Calyxo delivers modules to Croatia, Split

. Start of construction of the largest Photovoltaic Power Plant in Croatia / Split
. Project planning and construction out of one hand

Based in Saxony-Anhalt, Thin Film Solar Module manufacturer Calyxo and the Frankfurt Photovoltaic Project developers SOLAR MAGNA Germany AG started in cooperation with Fotonapon d.o.o. from Zagreb the construction of the largest Photovoltaic Thin-Film plant in former Yugoslavia / Croatia.

The Photovoltaic Plant will be installed on a multiple 1000 qm ² roof of the Cement Manufacturer CEMEX d.o.o in the Dalmatian, coastal town of Split. The hall construction is particularly suitable for Energy production by a Photovoltaic System. The predetermined inclination angle and the shadow-free environment can expect a high solar harvest.

Tonci Bozic, CEO of Solar MAGNA says: "We have deliberately chosen the Thin-Film Technology of Calyxo from Bitterfeld-Wolfen, because another already operating small plant, met fully our expectations."

Thin-Film Modules from Calyxo arerecommended due to the fair prices, reliable quality Made in Germany, as well as the excellent temperature coefficient which is tailor made for the regions of the "Sunbelt". In addition, the project will be supplied with the Calyxo specially developed insertion system for Thin-Film Solar Modules. The insertion system guarantees a gentle module mounting and reduces installation time significantly.

Dr. Florian Holzapfel (CEO) and Bernd Wolf (Dir Biz Development) from Calyxo are very happy about the new partnership. Further Projects in MegaWatt Size are already developed an ready to be started in 2014.

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Calyxo supplies CdTe modules for 2.2 MW solar park in Ohio

US contractor Rudolph/Libbe has begun construction of a 2 MW thin-film solar park for the Toledo Zoo in Toledo, Ohio. The solar array, which will offset approximately 30% of the zoo's electricity needs, will consist of approximately 28,000 CdTe modules produced by German thin-film PV technology developer Calyxo GmbH. Toledo-based solar component manufacturer Nextronex will provide inverters, combiner boxes and distributed architecture for the solar park. The PV system is being installed on a 22-acre brownfield site in south Toledo and is expected to be completed in early to mid-2014. Calyxo, which is 100% owned by US solar company Solar Fields LLC, operates a 85 MW production line in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

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Calyxo welcomes EU decision

<p<Calyxo, the largest manufacturer of CdTe thin film solar panels in Europe, welcomes the agreements between EU and China over imports of Chinese Solar panels - Chinese modules offering at a minimum price of 0.56EUR/Wp in the Europe in the near future.

For customers of Chinese companies, which will buy for lower prices, punitive tariffs in a range from 37.2 to 67.9 percent will apply, as EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht had declared.

As one of few companies in Germany, Calyxo was able to survive the years of Chinese dumping in Germany. With a current capacity of 85 MW, Calyxo is the largest CdTe module manufacturer in Europe. Calyxo continues to provide affordable modules made in Germany based an innovative atmospheric production process and also offers suitable mounting systems, complete design and installation of PV-systems.

"Module prices below 0.56 EUR / Wp can be realized without any problem by Calyxo today and marginal higher BOS costs can be compensated by our customers based on a price advantage of the modules and additional yield of thin film modules. As a consequence, our customers not only have lower investment costs, but also a better return on their investment. Our capacity expansion at Thalheim comes online exactly at the right point in time, "says CEO Dr. Florian Holzapfel.

CdTe modules have a better yield – performance than crystalline modules due to excellent temperature coefficients and good performance even under low light conditions.

With the production line expansion at Thalheim, Calyxo is able to produce based on its innovative process now in mass-production, at the lowest costs within the industry.

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Calyxo meets requirements for the Italian market

As from 1st July 2012, CdTe thin film expert Calyxo complies with the Conto Energia IV.

In June of this year, Calyxo GmbH from [Bitterfeld/Wolfen / from the German Solar Valley around Leipzig] has been certified according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001.

As a result, the expert for CdTe thin film solar modules meets all funding requirements for photovoltaic power plants in Italy as from 1st July 2012 according to the Conto Energia IV.
The Conto Energia IV provides new conditions for the solar electricity funding for plants which have been commissioned after the 1st July 2012. Besides the familiar requirements defined in the preceding decrees of Conto Energia I-III, the fourth amendment demands from the module manufacturers a product warranty of ten years, a recycling warranty for modules within the framework of a European consortium, a warranty, that 60 percent of the products are manufactured in the EU; and now a certification, besides the standards 9001 and 14001, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001.
For some time now, within the framework of their established integrated management system (according to 9001 and 14001), Calyxo GmbH works according to an internal Occupational Health and Safety management system in order to reduce the number of work accidents on-site and to actively improve the health of the personnel. By means of the certification according to OHSAS, the efforts now have been officially approved by TÜV Rheinland. As a result, the innovative Calypso CX3 solar modules are fully eligible in Italy after the 1st July 2012.
The CX3 modules have been conceived particularly for hot and humid climate areas and ensure stable energy yield on a long-term basis, also under extreme conditions. Due to the excellent temperature behaviour, plants equipped with the Calyxo technology are able to generate up to 10 percent more electricity than plants equipped with crystalline modules at the same MWp or KWp.
As from end of 2012, Calyxo GmbH will be the only considerable CdTE manufacturer in Europe. The company offers CdTE thin film modules and preassembled photovoltaic kits for a wide range of customers – from small installations for single-family houses to large megawatt plants. Additionally, the solar experts support its customers by means of a wide range of services such as simulations, project design, planning, installation and intensive after sales service.

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Calyxo GmbH increases capacity to 85 MW

Calyxo GmbH increases capacity to 85 MW at home base Bitterfeld/Wolfen to ensure largest CdTe module production in Europe end of 2012

Calyxo GmbH is investing in a second production line with a capacity of 60 MW at Bitterfeld/Wolfen.

Calyxo GmbH currently operates a 25 MWp production line with over 150 employees at the manufacturing plant and will ramp the total capacity at the end of 2012 to 85 MW. The capital for the expansion will be provided by a bank loan and cash contributions from the technology inventor Solar Fields, LLC, who took over ownership of Calyxo GmbH in February 2011 from their former partner Q-Cells SE. Solar Fields invented the technology while a resident at the University of Toledo Incubation Center.

"Based on recent good results in production with modules of 80 Wp and higher we decided to increase the capacity of our the low-cost atmospheric deposition process. We are confident, that Calyxo will reach costs clearly below 0,8 USD/Wp end of 2012 and that a CdTe production in the core of Europe will make sense for our customers", said Dr. Florian Holzapfel, CEO.

The production line will produce the 2011-introduced CX3 product, which was especially designed for hot and humid environments and differentiates substantially from competing CdTe offerings, ensuring long-term stable energy output even under extreme conditions. In these conditions, installation of the same size (MWp or KWp) with the Calyxo technology can provide up to 10% more energy than crystalline installations, driven by the superior temperature behaviour of Calyxo modules. "Recently we have published data showing the excellent performance and stability of the Calyxo product under hot and humid conditions based on our unique laminate design" said Michael Bauer, Calyxos CTO.

These advances will lead to midterm production costs of less than 0.50 USD/Wp which may be the lowest in the world. Costs this low allow for an LCOE forecast of less than 0.10 USD/KWh for electricity generated by Calyxo PV systems.

Calyxo Based on current market information, Calyxo is going to be the only meaningful CdTe producer in Europe from 2013 on and offers products to a wide range of customers, from small installers to large Megawatt installations. Besides the anticipated growth, Calyxo will keep the complete set of services open for all customers (simulations, project design, planning, installation and after sales service).

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Calyxo GmbH reached 16.2% cell efficiency

Calyxo GmbH Bitterfeld / Wolfen – Thalheim reached 16.2% cell efficiency on its low cost cadmium-telluride (CdTe) technology. The testing body SGS Germany has officially confirmed the record numbers.

Calyxo GmbH confirms the tremendous performance potential of photovoltaic devices based on CdTe technology made by its proprietary low cost atmospheric deposition technology. "This result shows the efficiency potential of Calyxo's hot and fast deposition technology. Based on this achievement we are confident to reach 17%-18% cell efficiency and 14-15% top module efficiency later this year", said Michael Bauer, Calyxo's Chief Technology Officer.

Calyxo GmbH currently operates a 25 MWp production line with over 150 employees at the manufacturing plant that has been in commercial production since 2009 in Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim, also known as Solar Valley in Saxony-Anhalt. Calyxo GmbH is totally owned by the original technology provider Solar Fields, LLC, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.

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Q-Cells announces insolvency

Calyxo has been taken over by Solar Fields, LLC in February 2011

As can be seen from the recent Q-Cells SE press release, Q-Cells will declare insolvency on Tuesday, 03rd April 2012.
In order to clarify the Q-Cells press release, the former technology partner Solar Fields LLC had taken ownership of Calyxo in February 2011 from Q-Cells SE, and therefore Calyxo isn't affected by the insolvency of Q-Cells SE.

The continuous development of Calyxo is guaranteed (see Press Release 21st February 2012), and we are pleased to work with you, as in the past, in the coming years together.
Please note that we will continue to inform you of future milestones achieved by Calyxo GmbH in upcoming releases.

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Calyxo reaches efficiency of 13.4 percent

Calyxo GmbH of Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim confirms, with its innovative thin-film module, the tremendous performance potential of photovoltaic modules based on cadmium telluride technology.

The Calyxo record module has an output of 88.7 watts at an efficiency of 13.4 percent measured on aperture area. Based on these results, owner Solar Fields, LLC, Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A. has decided to fund the company for the next years.

The testing body SGS Germany has officially confirmed the record numbers. With the production of the Calyxo record module, the development stages of the next generation have are already underway. This shows the potential of the Calyxo CdTe thin-film technology for the future. Calyxo's standard module is 60*120 cm but Calyxo's patented atmospheric continuous manufacturing process can produce modules as wide as 120 cm by any length desired, bringing more flexibility and lower costs to the solar industry.

In addition to the development of the highly efficient Calyxo record module, the CdTe specialists from Saxony-Anhalt and Calyxo USA, Perrysburg, Ohio have been able to further increase the efficiency of the currently produced CX3-series module to an average of 11.9 percent based on aperture area.

"The Calyxo development team rapidly reached another milestone on its efficiency roadmap aiming for even higher efficiencies in the near future. High module efficiencies in combination with our low cost atmospheric deposition technology are decisive factors for cost competitive solar energy", said Michael Bauer, Calyxo's Chief Technology Officer.

Calyxo GmbH currently operates a 25 MWp production line with over 150 employees at the manufacturing plant that has been in commercial production since 2009 in Bitterfeld / Wolfen-Thalheim, also known as Solar Valley in Saxony-Anhalt. Additional capital for the next years will be provided by the technology inventor Solar Fields, LLC, who took over total ownership of Calyxo GmbH in February 2011 from their former partner Q-Cells SE.

"With the financial contribution of our long-term shareholder Solar Fields, we will reduce our costs by the end of this year to less than 0.60 EUR per Wp, which corresponds to a cost reduction of nearly 30 percent from the recent level," states the managing director Florian Holzapfel, Calyxo (CEO), in defining the objectives for the future.

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